WITH LOVE, US is an informative and fun shopping website dedicated to bringing our readers fashion, beauty, home goods and other products that are proudly made with love in the United States. In an age of fast consumption and poorly constructed garments our mission is to inspire you to buy authentic, quality goods that are produced in sustainable labor environments and encourage global support for US made merchandise. Oh, and before you start to panic, we will not be sacrificing style by any means! You’ll be surprised to find out that we make some pretty amazing stuff here in the good old USA that you will actually want buy!

On top of providing you with a go to shopping guide for US made fabulous finds, we will be giving you informational blurbs explaining where the raw materials come from and where the product was sewn or built. Our favorite part of this whole project is being able to share the behind the scenes stories of the factories and passionate individuals that bring all of these products you purchase to life. We will be visiting factories, interviewing designers and providing exclusive insight on US made goods.

Nicole and Anna are the two friends behind With Love US. We have both been involved with various parts of the fashion industry over the past 10 years which is how our paths crossed. Nicole is a transplant from LA and Anna is from the backwoods of Pennsylvania. West coast city girl meets small town East coast girl in the Big Apple and boom, With Love, US was born. We come from two different worlds but both share a love of fashion and of course shopping. More importantly, our hearts pitter patter for this beautiful country we call home and we want you to share our passion for all things amazing that are made in the US.

We write in hope this site will be one small step to encourage you to buy US made products which will in turn help promote and build US garment manufacturing and design. We write in hope that you will develop a better appreciation for the creative talent and heritage that is behind what you buy. Lastly, we write in hope that you will enjoy all of this American made madness!


With Love, US


***Feel free to reach out to ask questions, give us insights, share your US made story with us or just say hello.***